Five Key Reason It Pays To Foster Kindness At Work

By:Audrey Sellers| PC Today| PPAI Magazine

In some corporate cultures, kindness is hardly a core value. Instead, employees are urged to focus on getting their jobs done, staying disciplined, and maybe even being aggressive if the situation calls for it. In these kinds of cultures, kindness is perceived as a weakness.

What these companies might not know, though, is that kindness can significantly boost their bottom line. Chantal Sheehan, founder and CEO of Blue Fox, says that companies with kindness baked into their culture are more productive and more profitable.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share Sheehan’s five ways kindness can impact and improve your company culture.

1. Kindness opens the door to creativity. If you want your sales reps to think creatively and develop innovative solutions, show a genuine interest in them. This small way of being kind can help establish trust and the kind of work environment that welcomes all kinds of thinking. When you show kindness to your team, you help them feel happy and upbeat, which can lead them to come up with more creative ideas.

2. Kindness increases employee engagement. Most of the global workforce is disengaged at work. You can help your team feel more engaged by being kind, says Sheehan. Kind leaders help their people feel valued, supported, respected and heard—all which help individuals feel more engaged in their jobs.

3. Kindness peaks productivity. Want to increase productivity among your sales team members? Treat them with kindness and civility. Sheehan points out research that shows that 26 percent of employees who work in kind environments experience more energy at work and they are 30 percent more likely to feel motivated and enthusiastic about acquiring new skills.

4. Kindness keeps your employees healthy. Health is top of mind for most companies. If you want to keep your team healthy, try creating a kinder, less stressful work environment. Sheehan points out research that shows high-stress companies spend 50 percent more on health care. If you constantly push your sales reps and foster a fast-paced, pressure-filled culture, you might be doing more harm than good.

5. Kindness breeds influential leaders. Research shows that the best way to influence and lead is to demonstrate kindness and warmth. Sheehan says that even by showing some small nonverbal signals such as a smile or a nod, you can show people that you are pleased to be in their company and attentive to their concerns.

It isn’t hard to be kind, and in today’s environment, a little kindness can make all the difference in someone’s life. By committing to being kind, you will also reap the benefits of a more engaged and productive sales team.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Chantal Sheehan is founder and CEO of Blue Fox, a company that strives to disrupt the traditional accounting model through technology, innovation and a radically client-focused approach.

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