By: Melissa Jones, currently serves as Vice President, Residential and Commercial Systems at Pentair

Water is vital to the health of our bodies, playing a function in everything from cell creation and temperature regulation to oxygen delivery. In fact, up to 60 percent of our bodies are made up of water. It’s a building block of life itself, and ensuring its quality is a big part of what motivates us at Pentair as we work to design and produce our products.

It’s no wonder everyone wants clean, safe water at home. What might surprise you, however, is that there are even more ways having Pentair-treated water can contribute to a healthier lifestyle—both at home and in your community.

Healthier Hair

The excess minerals in hard, unfiltered water have been shown to decrease the strength of hair and increase breakage—while also creating undesirable textures.1,2 Filtered and softened water from Pentair products means consistently softer water that won’t put unnecessary stress on your hair, keeping it shiny and healthy.
Adding a water softener to your home means sparkling dishes, cleaner laundry, shinier hair, and appliances that last and last.


Cleaner, Softer Skin

Similar to its effect on hair, hard water can dry out your skin and cause
redness, but even worse, the extra minerals in unfiltered hard water can alter your body’s ability to moisturize itself, causing breakouts and rashes.3 For cleaner, softer skin, you need cleaner, softer water at home.

If you own a pool, Pentair can help there, too, with our Bioshield UV Disinfection Sanitizers, which neutralize 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria with less chlorine — meaning less irritation to eyes and skin.

Vital Minerals

Part of water’s role in keeping us healthy and happy is as a delivery system for the minerals we need to survive, like magnesium, sodium, zinc, and more. These minerals are essential to hydration and keep our bodies functioning normally. That’s why, when we design Pentair filtration systems, it’s as much about what we take out of water as what we leave in.

Making Hydration Easy

It might seem obvious, but staying hydrated is simpler when the water in
your tap is enjoyable to drink and tastes great. Pentair Everpure delivers high quality filtration for the home — helping ensure every pour is delicious while reducing off-flavors and impurities. And, crystal clear water means crystal clear ice for your favorite beverages as well.

A Healthier Planet

Finally, great-tasting water at home means fewer plastic water bottles and
less waste that could end up in landfills, or worse, oceans and waterways. Annually, our residential filtration solutions help eliminate the need for more than 9.9 billion water bottles across the U.S.

The connections between water and health are nearly endless, but it all starts with water that’s clean, safe, and sustainable. An investment in your home water system — with technology from Pentair to provide peace of mind and ensure it tastes great and — is an investment in your family’s health, comfort, protection and enjoyment.

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