Six Ways To Manage Your Energy (Not Your Time)

February 25, 2020|Informational

By:   Audrey Sellers | PPAI Media PC Today|


As a sales professional, you probably field hundreds of emails, calls and client questions each day. It's easy to get overwhelmed. The key to getting a handle on things doesn't lie in making a better to-do list or freeing up time in your calendar. According to business mentor Amanda Bucci, the key is learning how to manage your energy, not your time.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share Bucci's six ways to fill yourself up with more energy.

1. Close loops in your head. Is there something you've had on your mind for weeks, months or maybe even years that you haven't completed? Bucci says it's called an open loop, and it quietly drains the energy out of you by taking up space in your subconscious. Instead of wasting effort by having your brain remind you of that thing you haven't done, take an hour, day or week to close the loop and do that thing.

2. Minimize task switching. It takes a massive amount of energy to transition from making an engaging PowerPoint presentation to hopping on the phone with clients and then recording a video. To preserve your energy, Bucci recommends starting one type of task and completing it before moving onto the next.

3. Self-source your energy. Most of the time, we find ourselves energized when things go right in our lives. That is, we're making good money, our relationship is good and people compliment us on our successes. But when those things aren't going well, we tend to let our circumstances steal our power and our precious energy. Bucci says that when we self-source our energy, we keep our power within our control. Self-sourcing energy can mean anything from going to the gym to reading a good book.

4. Set healthy boundaries. When we say yes when we really mean no, we're expending energy on something that's draining. This causes an energy leak in our system, and we end up running low on fuel. Learning to offer up a polite and respectful "no" to anything we don't feel a definite "yes" for is one of the healthiest ways to support managing our energy, says Bucci.

5. Do a social media detox. When we're staring at a beautiful lake, we feel incredibly peaceful. Why? Because there is very low data input coming into our brains—only a lake, a mountain and the sky. When we're always on our phones, our minds are bombarded by a lot more data than what we're used to. Bucci's solution? Minimize screen time or do a social media detox.

6. Stop overthinking and make a decision. The energy required to make a decision is another place where we leak energy. Bucci suggests creating a routine and sticking to it. By removing the decision of whether or not you're going to do something, you remove energy leaks from your life. As a result, you can accomplish so much more.

Energy is power. When you feel energized, you feel ready to tackle any task. The opposite is also true. When you're running on fumes, you feel scattered or burnt out. Instead of watching the clock, watch your energy to make more meaningful progress toward your goals.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Amanda Bucci is a business mentor, social media strategist and spiritual psychologist who helps entrepreneurs grow their companies to six and seven figures.


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